Gourd Lamp – 12

A magnificent lamp that attracts with its shape and style! Variation handmade gourd lamp is only for special people like you.

The Gourd has a wonderful atmosphere when the light is turned on by its bold shapes by casting a striking pattern on to the walls and ceiling.

My Gourd Lamp

Every gourd has been hand-selected and made out of a natural dried and hollowed. Gourd Lamp is a statement on its own with lots of holes drilled into a series of circles with beads and a wood table base, and completed by painting and varnishing.

My Gourd Lamp

Each gourd lamp is made to order. Because each calabash is unique and unlike each other by creation, it is impossible to make an exact replica. I promise you the same design, at same dimensions but not exactly the same calabash as product visuals.

Sale Price € 15 / we have 1 in stock

Original colour


Height: 16 cm / .. inches

Width: 12 cm / .. inches

Wood Base Height 2 cm /4 cm

Parts included in the sale

1 Unique design lamp

1 Battery-Powered Yellow Light Flameless LED Tea Light

1 Wooden Lamp base

Mostly we have at least 1 item in stock as presented in the pictures, but if you want other colours, we are also making as per your order. The patterns will always be the same, but the shape of the gourds might slightly differ.

Just leave us a message.

So for any enquiries just drop us a line at mygourdlamps@gmail.com

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Please contact me for a bulk order.

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