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From sowing the seed, growing the vine, hand-pollinating and nurturing the fruit through to curing, cleaning, drilling, carving, burning, colouring, varnishing and finishing, each gourd can take up to 2 years from seed to finished piece.

Gourd Lamp

​So now you can understand how I get so attached to my gourds – I love them from start to finish.

Gourds are part of the pumpkin/squash family and are usually grown in hot climates. They have had numerous uses throughout history, including as tools, musical instruments, objects of art and food.

Gourd Lamp
Different countries around the world traditionally decorate and style their gourds around their native culture, and I feel I have brought a unique and different style to the British gourd.

In fact, I am currently one of only a few sellers of handcrafted gourds in Turkey.

Gourd Lamp

Gourds can be all different shapes and sizes. I try and make most of my pieces practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Product has been sold

Original colour


Height: .. cm / .. inches

Width: .. cm / .. inches

Wood Base Height 2 cm /4 cm

Parts included in the sale


1 Unique design lamp

The lamp comes with a lamp base, cord and bulb. İt works with 220 volt electricity

2 Piece led bulb  ( 5 Watt– 3000 k Warm White -425 Lumens – E14 )

1 Wooden Lamp base

150 cm /200 cm of length with ON/ OFF switch

And Small Gifts 

Mostly we have at least 1 item in stock as presented in the pictures, but if you want other colours, we are also making as per your order. The patterns will always be the same, but the shape of the gourds might slightly differ.

Just leave us a message.

So for any enquiries just drop us a line at mygourdlamps@gmail.com

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Please contact me for a bulk order.

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