Gourd Lamp – 35

Snowman Gourd Lamp

This cute little Gourd Snowman lamp is an adorable accent light. He would look great in any room to make it a bit festive. One of the nice things about this lamp is since he is a snowman, he can be used after the holidays, when all the Christmas decor is packed away. You can still have time to enjoy your snowman lamp. The light is emitted through the snowflakes that go completely around his cute little belly when evening comes around.
Gourd Lamp

The LED candelabra bulb is included, and is attached to a light harness that has a very generous cord with a switch for convenience.

When I design my snowman lamps I make sure that, as in nature, no two snowflakes are alike. All of My Gourd Lamps are one of a kind due to the size, shape and the snowflakes will vary. This little snowman will be a welcomed guest year after year

Gourd Lamp

When used in completely dark places, you can get a magic image.

Sale Price € 15 / we have 1 in stock

Original colour


Height: 24 cm / .. inches

Width: 11 cm / .. inches

Wood Base Height 2 cm /4 cm

Parts included in the sale

1 Unique design lamp

1 Battery-Powered Yellow Light Flameless LED Tea Light

1 Wooden Lamp base

Mostly we have at least 1 item in stock as presented in the pictures, but if you want other colours, we are also making as per your order. The patterns will always be the same, but the shape of the gourds might slightly differ.

Just leave us a message.

So for any enquiries just drop us a line at mygourdlamps@gmail.com

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Please contact me for a bulk order.

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